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You bought or want an IQ? Please list your reasons why.

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What are some main reasons that made you chose the IQ?

For me, its fuel efficiency and the smart use of space.
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I switched from a Smart Fortwo Cabrio

1. I can use 87 octane again. The Smart demanded 91 or better.
2. I can take 2 more passengers.
3. It's still small enough to fit my 2 motorbikes, my roommates 2 motorbikes, and this iQ in one parking space without having to move any vehicle in order to get one out.
4. The stock Pioneer head with Bluetooth is better than the Smart's radio.
5. The CVT engine is better than the Smart's assisted manual transmission, better response.
6. More horsepower than the Smart.
7. More airbags.
8. Smoother ride, less stiffthan the Smart.
9. More dealer support.
10. It still has all of the safety features like TRAC, ABS, VSC, etc. OMG!
11. The new car smell on the Smart has dissipated... LOL!!!
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i bought it for the same reason i bought the cube,and the bonus is it will be twice as good on fuel than the cube,which is absolutely terrible.oh, and that reason mainly because it is newley unique.when the scion HAKO comes out i will imediately purchase that.the iq has bin in port a week now and i am STILL waiting,still a little leary for the fact i bought it sight unseen,which is how i purchased the cube,the only difference bieng is i have done a ton of research on the iq.
From a person that bought her iq sight unseen I love it. Better gas mileage than my xB. Better radio. Bluetooth built in and works wonderful. Fits three adults comfortably. I get lots of questions and looks. Put 1k miles on it and have enjoyed every mile. It streams my music without having to puli in the phone too!
RexIQ had said them All, what more can I add. Oh, might be after viewing all the Crash Test Video Reports on Youtube about the iQ Plus a Test Drive.
Gas mileage, gas mileage, gas mileage. I rarely carry passengers but it's nice to have the back seat. Love the look with the 8 spoke factory wheels. Great drive and ride. Love the safety features and the small touches like 6 speakers instead of 4.
I live in Brooklyn, so it is parking, parking, parking! I did not even know the IQ existed (horrible promotion by Toyota/Scion), and was investigating the Smart car, but the reviews were so horrible. I found a link to the IQ by accident, and the rest is history. It is the perfect urban vehicle, which also works well on the highway when necessary.
I like how it looks.
1. Fuel Economy I'm on my first tank from the dealer and am up to 34.5 mpg already. My 2012 Honda Ridgeline? 17-18
2. Size. I moved from a single-family home to a condo. On the first day, I hit the side of truck on the exit from the garage. I quickly realized I don't need even a mid-size truck.
3. Money. I pocketed thousands of dollars by selling my truck and buying an iQ for cash. plus I'll pay a lot less for gas, see #1
4. Why an iQ instead of Fit/Fiesta/Mazda, etc.? I wanted something different from the usual 4-door hatch. As I can count the number of times I've carried passengers in my vehicle in the last few years on the fingers of one thumb, I don't need the extra seats. And with the seats folded down or removed, I have all the space I need for 99% of the cargo I need to carry.


And Pie. Pie is always an option!
I wanted a new toy, a small new toy, and the iQ was the best out of the other cars I looked at. Fiat 500, Chevy Spark, and Smart Fortwo. The iQ beat them hands down!
I love lightweight cars with wheels at the corners. I also needed room for a couple of passengers. The iQ was prefect and yes, I added light wheels and all the TRD suspension bits. I love driving this car and it's great to own something that is slightly special.
Fuel economy and its unique looks. Oh, and my wife likes it, and it is her car.
Being a Toyota had alot to do with it as well.
I bought a large Ford van so no longer need my transit connect van. Trading the transit on a '15 iQ tomorrow. I'm getting the iQ because of the gas mileage mostly, 10 more mpg than the transit. Also I love the look, simplicity and read a lot about it's reliability. I researched the smart car first and found a lot of reliability problems. The iQ will be my commuter so I need reliability.
1) Looks great for a micro-size car
2) Wanted the smallest car that can seat 4 in a pinch
3) Handles well for its size/specifications
4) Inexpensive
I've always dreamed of owning an adult-sized remote controlled car ;-) but all jokes aside...

Out of the slew of micro cars available (Smart, Fiat, iQ) - the iQ definitely does look the best out of all three... and from what I've read, at least outperforms one, being the Smart car.

1. I need a new car. I've been driving around this 1994 Subaru SVX for ever (and transmission recently crapped out, no surprise there) and I can tell you, premium at 23mpg isn't very nice in a world of $4 a gallon gas. Never mind the recent price cuts in gas... they're bound to bounce back, I'm sure. It's only a matter of time. So definitely for the MPG aspect AND something that isn't 20 years old or prone to breaking down and still has a warranty.

2. It fits my $25,000 life plan. A bike, a car and a home - all for under $25k combined. Granted, both the bike and car are second-hand (I never buy new, that seems mostly silly imo) and the a small living space of just under 400 square feet. I love the small living space idea and conserving energy, money, using solar panel resources. I'm not a green freak by any means but it comes down to saving me money at the end of the day, I'm all for it. Less definitely results in more. I run my entire business out of a 175 square foot office with 3 people that are in and out daily, I think the iQ definitely fits in line with my mindset.

3. 90% of the time, I'm the only one in the car. I do have a daughter and girlfriend but both will fit comfortably just fine in it when we need to get out. With that said, this is intended as my DD - not that I have a real plan in place to make something a more official family car but since the girlfriend has a decent car, there's that as well - it's just not mine. Plus, when I do upgrade to something else (I've had my eye on an Elio but since my car died I can't wait a year for it to come out), this may be a great first car to give my daughter when the time comes.

As far as what other people think, I could really care less. They're not footing the bill of gas or vehicle at the end of the day so what do I care. Plus, I'll have a nice Kawasaki Ninja to have my fun on during the summer when it really matters most :D - both of which get fantastic gas mileage! To be honest, I don't think I could ever spend $16k new on one... and that's probably part of it's harder selling point... but at $10-$12k for something that has been very lightly driven (under 20k miles) and is still under warranty, it certainly seems to be of high value once all is said and done. I'm still in the works of trying to get one and I think I've found a beautiful gray metallic one that I'll have to travel slightly out of state for but if I get it, I'll be sure to post my mini road trip of it all here on the forums. :)
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