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Will The iQ Become Official at the LA Auto Show?

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Last year the Scion iQ was revealed as a concept at the LA Auto Show. It seems to make sense that Toyota would use that venue again to officially announce an upcoming production version. So far it is not listed in the line up.
LA Auto Show

On a related note the Mazda 2 will debut at the show. While most likely slightly larger than the iQ, it is close enough to potentially be a direct competitor I would think. Here is a blurb on that if you are interested.
Mazda2 to Reach U.S. in 2010 - News - Automotive Fleet

Again, there are a lot of competitors coming in the next year or so. I would hope Toyota/Scion get aggressive and get the iQ in the mix sooner than later.
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If we don't see it at LA, I really think we will see it at Detroit.

Maybe it will be a surprise debut at LA
I just want some more details released, official pricing, official specs, that sorta stuff. I see no reason why LA can't be the place to do it.
I sure hope it will be there. Only a week and a bit and we will get to see more of the IQ!!
When does it start? Any preannouncements?
I think it will stay the same.

Starts December 4th - 2 days
Started and I haven't seen anything on the IQ, guess not till Detroit now??
Disappointed on LA. I expect random news before Detroit to keep my interest levels high :D
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