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Will little bit more power help on MPG?

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Hi all, I have a question about HP vs MPG. I have been getting around 33-35MPG on the iQ with the ECO light turns on most of the time. I have a lot of driving on highway going around 65mph - 75mph. The commute is mixed with long straight flat road, uphills and downhills. From what I see the live MPG on the display. I can usually get 36MPG on flat road, 48MPG on downhills, but only 21MPG on uphills while trying to keep up with the speed...
So the question is... if there is little bit more power to the iQ, and keeping the same driving habit, will that help on improving the MPG?

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1.3L engine, Best MPG I have received, keeping it in the eco green, was 44mpg. I also received 42 MPG.

Keeping your speed at 55-60mph max will help.

Getting away from a stop is what can make of break the MPG, and How many stops you have, throttle position and how much throttle is given is another factor.

I have also received 30-33 mpg driving the IQ where i am always out in front of the traffic from stop and while driving.
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