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Wild Speculation; Hybrid iQ at Detroit Auto Show?

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I saw this yesterday and it immediately looked to my iQ-slanted view of the world like an iQ variant. Anyone else here think that could be the case?

Detroit Preview: Toyota to debut new hybrid concept vehicle — Autoblog Green

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1 - 14 of 14 Posts really looks like a variant of the IQ. I don't know what to say about the headlights as its such a weird angle. Maybe a sportier IQ is on the way!
Nice find G2244!

That's a bright green, would make heads turn on the street as it drives by.

Not sure what to make of the headlights, very concept-esque.
It's gotta be the Scions brother or cousin - I'm convinced. Looks much much too similar.

Now we just have to wait to see if the Scion IQ gets pulled and its only a Toyota that gets released, or if its both.
Love that green. DOn't worry about the headlights....thats just a concepty thing that all car companies do. They could never release a car with headlights like that.
I hope that isn't what the IQ will look like. Looks terrible from those teasers. Are those hubcaps?!?
Okay, it appears to *not* be an iQ. Note the Toyota badge. Here is the full pic:

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Wow that looks even more terrible!! Who in their right mind would buy a car that looks like that!
OMG what is Toyota thinking!!! Is this just to test the market or something!?
OMG what is Toyota thinking!!! Is this just to test the market or something!?
Reminds me of when the Aztek was first released, some radical design that ended in an ugly production model, a bad rap for Pontiac and few sales. This has taken it to a new level however, Aztek is far from radical compared to designs these days.
Bad marketing = not a good way to build anticipation for the car. Toyota will lose out on that one.
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