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Who Would Buy An Aston Martin Cygnet? Sir Stirling Moss, That's Who

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Sir Stirling Moss is one of the most reknowned and respected racing drivers of all time, and he has just bought an Aston Martin Cygnet!

This Toyota iQ based super-mini is the most controversial product ever offered by Aston Martin, and many believe the project will only harm Aston's credibility than improve its greenhouse footprint.

However, that didn't seem to effect Sir Moss, who bought the car as a birthday present for his wife, Lady Moss.

She got the surprise gift at her birthday party, which was held at the prestigious Royal Automobile Club on July 11, 2011. Sir Moss had been working with Aston Martin secretly for six months to prepare this special gift, saying "My greatest partner in everything that I do, Susie is an amazing person and frankly the best wife a man could have. Since seeing a pre-production Cygnet in January I knew that it was the perfect car for Susie; a proper little piece of British luxury and perfect for our life in town."

Sir Moss, who had raced DB3S and DBR1 models for Aston Martin, had the little Cygnet painted in the same color as his old race cars.

The Cygnet is already on sale in Europe, and it should be making its way to North America in the near future.

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The Aston Martin Cygnet is by far the nicest sub-compact car out so far. But it's an Aston Martin and really likely to have have a price tag non of us on this forum are looking to spend.

I think the Aston Martin Cygnet is more of a fashion statement than an A-to-B vehicle.
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