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Who are you buying the IQ for?

  • Myself

    Votes: 15 88.2%
  • Husband/Wife

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • My kids

    Votes: 0 0.0%

Who are you buying the IQ for?

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I myself will be purchasing the car for myself but a post by a different member made me think a little. Can see this being a very popular car for parents to buy their kids as a first car. Maybe even buying the car for themselves (parents) as a grocery getter or just a high MPG car to travel in.
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Actually my St. Bernard and myself Cheap and Cheerful Challenge: part 4 - BBC Top Gear , hopefully she can fit in the back as she is a bit smaller than Alfie (need to get to 38 sec. in the video to understand)....
Will be for just me but I'm sure my significant other will want to drive it too...if I let her.
Since I am the one paying for it, I will be the driver of it too.
Both me and my wife. We currently have an Infiniti and a Smart ForTwo and it's about time to change my Smart car to this car. Hopefully it comes with the similar manual shift (but faster response) with electronic clutch as my Smart car... it will be fun to drive.
Combination of me and my wife purchasing the car.
Sort of a strange poll but it will be for me.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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