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Where do you normally buy your oem replacement parts?

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Just wondering where you guys normally get your oem replacement parts from? It would be nice if we could make a list here of all our "sources" so maybe we can all help each other out.
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I know theres gonna a few people that might not agree with me but Ebay is actually a good place to get oem replacement parts. Just make sure to check their rating and any negative feedback. So far I've saved a good amount of money buying on Ebay and never had a problem.
Me personally I buy everything from the dealership. It cost a lot more but at least it wont affect any warranty I might still have. Plus you always know its 100% genuine oem parts.
I buy from a IQ dealer that gives discounts.
I bought mine from ScionPartsPeople - Genuine Scion Parts and Scion Accessories in Washington state.

No affiliation just good prices.
i buy my OEM parts only at my dealer Toyota, except for tires
I got my mudgaurds and rear floormats from this warehouse. They are very quick and i got my order 3 days after i ordered.
Wholey carp, anywhere but the dealer! 5 months from purchase and I'm still waiting on wacko-overpriced bits.
Where is a OEM Scion IQ parts diagram?
I look at my diagrams at and the part listings at Funny that you can't look at all the parts on the overstock site and no diagrams on the toyodiy site.

Then I search online for the part number for the best price. I usually get my parts through Toyota Parts - Genuine OEM Toyota Auto Parts and Accessories.
Thanks. I've been to both of those sites but would still like a complete parts diagram that I could look at online.
So far I have been emailing a parts house and they look it up and supply a price.
Example oil filter $6.50 and cabin air filter $27.50 plus shipping.
I'm not sure what you mean barnone.....toyotapartsoverstock does show the complete diagrams for the entire vehicle. You have to select Scion, then an iQ. Just as a note though, they list the iQ as a 2011, but it's still the same diagrams. I've printed many diagrams from this site.
I guess I was confused about the 2011 diagrams instead of 2012. I though that 2012 was the first year for the IQ in North America. I'll look again at .
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Yeah, I'm not sure why it's listed as 2011, but it's correct. =-)
I'll probably be getting my parts from the dealer for the foreseeable future. Warranty aside, I don't have the tools or location to do repairs myself, and until I find a local shop that can suitably handle iQs, my repairs/maintenance will be a dealership turn-key job. The car is so new, even they seem to be having trouble dealing with iQ basics (which is kinda sad).
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