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which oil do you prefer or currently use?

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Oil analysis is a hobby of mine and I've done extensive testing of both oil and ATF over the life of my Acura RSX from factory fill to 120,000mi +. I've learned many surprising things:

  • Acura's 5w-20 oil recommendation is spot on. Heavier weights do not cause less wear and sometimes increase wear.
  • For the driving that I do, synthetics, such as Mobil 1, do not work better than conventional oils.
  • The two oils that gave me the best overall wear results were Havoline 5w-20 and Valvoline Durablend. My testing included some expensive synthetics such as Synergyn's ester and di-ester basestock 0w-20.
I drive in mild weather conditions with a fairly even mix of highway and city miles. YMMV.
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