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Vilner Offers Luxury Interior For Economy-Minded Scion iQ Owners

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Toyota's miniature city car, known to us as the Scion iQ, is clearly a budget-friendly subcompact but who is to say that you can't have a little fun and comfort while driving it? After Vilner transformed the Smart ForTwo they set their eyes on the next city car project this time keeping the modifications strictly in the interior. Looking to add luxury with the iQ's eco-friendliness, Vilner fills the interior with brown Napa leather and Alcantara throughout.

Vilner claims their iQ's interior brings it "close to the interiors of highest class luxurious cars," but we'll leave that up to your judgment. The seats are completely reupholstered in brown Nappa leather, including the letters "iQ" on the headrests and an interesting rectangular-pattern throughout the rest of the seat. The entire ceiling and pillars get redone with brown Alcantara while designer and laser-engraved elements are placed on some elements throughout the interior.

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