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VIDEO: Scion IQ Interior

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I came across this video that features the interior of the Scion IQ. It even has close ups of all the little details :)

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the interior is acceptable, but the color/tone/texture even the design used throughout the iQ interior makes it look really, REALLY cheap. Lets hope Scion doesn't put cheap quality interior panels and parts in our iQ. Some manufactures are notorious for cutting back on stuff like this since it has no major function.
I feel like the interior is going to be better as a two seater. I can't imagine cruising down Lake Shore in this thing. hot summer day, breeze blowing in off of the lake. They should put a sunroof in that thing.
still shocked the Scion iQ being such a small car, has 10 air bags. That is probably more than some mid/full sized sedan's out. For a small car, this should be a very safe one to be in. With not even stepping into an iQ, i already feel pretty confident in them.
I am really not diggin the color pattern and scheme of the seats.. it just looks cheap and not very well thought of..
The interior looks OK. I'm 6'3 so I'm more concerned with the seats, headroom, and legroom than anything else.
for height i would assume the best way to test it is to sit in a Yaris, or a Mazda 2 they are fairly similar in size i would say....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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