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Truck Jump Fail

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A guy in his Chevy 3/4 ton pick up truck attempted to make it jump far enough to get onto a landing ramp and failed miserably, hitting the beginning of the landing ramp head on!

You must watch the video to really see how epic it is since the bed of the truck managed to come off the frame upon impact.

Seems like he came out ok with no serious injuries.

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the bed coming off like that makes me wonder if they really wanted to crash the truck and have a crazy impact with parts flying off or if they attempted to jump successfully and forgot the bed wasn't bolted down properly.

that dude is crazy to attempt a jump with a 4000 LBS + truck. While browsing their youtube profile it seems they attempt these jumps once in a while, another video they posted had a ambulance doing the same jump

ambulance jump...
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