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Toyota Unintended Acceleration Report Exonerates Electronics

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An investigation by NASA has cleared Toyota's electronics systems of causing the unintended acceleration phenomenon that was widely reported in 2010.

The Department of Transportation, who oversaw the investigation, released a statement claiming "NASA engineers found no electronic flaws in Toyota vehicles capable of producing the large throttle openings required to create dangerous high-speed unintended acceleration incidents."

Although the report effectively vindicates Toyota's claims that they were not at fault, the damage to the brand has been done, and is undoubtedly severe. Toyota recalled 8 million vehicles due to the scandal and paid nearly $50 million in regulatory fines.

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Ouch, Toyota is defiantly feeling the pain from all this. I wonder how much all this ended up costing them? $50 million in regulatory fines is one thing, the costs involved with recalling 8 million vehicles will be an interesting figure.

I have reason to believe this whole problem started from people not installing their floor mats properly.
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