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Toyota Unintended Acceleration Is B.S., Says NHTSA And DOT; Driver Error Blamed

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Score one for the good guys. While Toyota takes a lot of flack for having a product line that's geared more towards the common people than enthusiasts, most decent folk knew that the scandal regarding Toyota's unintended acceleration accusations was largely a combination of schadenfreude and political motivated rhetoric. People love to see the big guy take a fall, and this was no exception.

Now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has analyzed vehicle data and their findings are consistent, showing that at the time of the incidents, the throttle was wide open while the brakes were not applied. This suggests that drivers mis-applied the pedals. Only one case, a fatal crashing involving a runaway Lexus ES350, where the throttle became stuck because of an improperly designed floormat. Toyota immediately issued a recall for the problem.

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Finally the truth comes out. Sadly its too late already. The damage has been done to Toyota. They already lost their reputation plus they paid out a lot in fines and settlement to the "victims".
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