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Toyota EV, Fuel Cell Concepts: Tokyo Motor Show Preview

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Toyota has revealed three new concept cars that it will officially debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, giving an indication of its green-car plans for the next few years – and beyond.

Up first is the FT-EV III (Future Toyota – Electric Vehicle III). Based on the iQ, it uses a lithium-ion battery and electric motor and can travel up to 65 miles on a full charge and has room for four. Calling it a “near future” concept, Toyota will sell an electric iQ next year.

Perhaps the most exciting of the vehicles is the “mid-term” FCV-R (Fuel Cell Vehicle – Reality & Revolution) concept. Looking like the future of the Prius, it’s a larger car measuring 185-inches in length (just 4-inches short of the new Camry). Toyota claims a total driving range of 430 miles, emissions free! As the word “reality” in the car’s name suggests, Toyota is serious about this new car with plans to offer a fuel cell vehicle to fleets by 2015.

And finally, there’s the Toyota Fun-Vii (Fun-Vehicle interactive internet), which the automaker says,” heralds Toyota’s vision of a future where people, cars and society are linked.”
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