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Toyota beings checking radiation levels in vehicles

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Since yesterday Toyota resumed production in Japan and now it seems like there ready to export vehicles, but there checking all vehicles for radiation levels to see if its safe for customers. For me it raises a lot of concern....

Can we trust Toyota with saying the vehicles are safe? Would you still buy the Toyota vehicles produced in Japan that were in the effected zone even tho they might be deemed safe?

I know for sure I wouldn't buy them even if Toyota says its safe. Better to be safe than sorry.
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Im sure that once they reach other ports people will re scan the cars for radiation level and double check everything. Also if Toyota were ti lye they would face huge lawsuits and many many problems that they probably do not want to fight or even go near.

So i would still say it safe to buy .
It no surprise that toyota is taking this route, as well as all of Japan is also taking this safety precaution before any serious risk actually appear.
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