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Top Gear Review of the iQ

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The best thing about the iQ is that it has – and remember that I’m saying this about a Toyota – a tremendous sense of personality. From a car maker whose range is generally worthy but about as exciting as bleeding to death in a warm bath, you can’t help but think they’ve gone and done it. A bit of Mini cheek matched with the modernity and rationality of a Smart – except better than both. Best of all, it’s bang on timing-wise, well-sorted and brilliantly conceived. And it makes all the rest look compromised, out-of-date and dull. It’s also reassuringly expensive.
true Scion iQ statement from top gear.

I think "personality" is what Scion is trying to include with every car and to give it that extra edge over the competition. If you look at all the Scion vehicles they all have the same sense of personality, this is probably why Scion is "different" from every other manufacture. You won't find another car maker like Scion.
yeah also they was they market scion is that no scion will leave the dealer the same, with the many factory opions you can add.

Ground effects
Audio Sytems
Carbon Fiber pieces rims and the list goes on
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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