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Top-20 most fuel-efficient used cars

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When you need a A-to-B car, sometimes having a fancy car doesn't matter especially in these rough times where gas prices are really high and nearing $4/gallon. Here's a list of the top 20 most fuel efficient used cars. Although the Honda Insight topped the list for most fuel efficient vehicles, the Toyota Prius is by far the best car for fuel efficiency & available options.

If you were to get one of the hybrid, diesel, or gasoline vehicles on the list below which would you get and why?

With high gas prices and a challenging economy still rattling people’s nerves, many in need of a car are considering buying used. However, to save more money, it’s worth getting a used car that is also fuel efficient, so you not only pay less to purchase the vehicle, but also to operate it.

We’ve put together a list of the most fuel-efficient cars we’ve tested over the last 10 years (2001-2010). Many are hybrids, which give you the best option for paying less at the pump. Also, a manual transmission vehicle will generally get you better gas mileage than an automatic.

While it seems as if fuel economy is a deal maker or deal breaker these days, we encourage shoppers to dig deeper, looking at cars that are also reliable, safe, and perform well in our tests. Most models below meet these criteria to be recommended, but not all. For example, the ultra-efficient first-generation Honda Insight returned incredible fuel economy numbers in our tests, but with its stiff, choppy ride and ever-present road noise, it wasn’t a particularly good car to drive. Still, this list focuses on fuel economy.
Go to the link below to see all 20 cars that made the list, here are the top 5

1 - 2001-2006 Honda Insight
2 - 2010 Toyota Prius IV
3 - 2004-2009 Toyota Prius
4 - 2007-2009 Toyota Prius Touring
5 - 2001-2003 Toyota Prius

Top-20 most fuel-efficient used cars
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the Prius is well known for what it is and its been what other car makers try to beat when making one like it, yet in the end the Prius still wins. If the prius isnt one of the best hybrid vehicles yet, i dont know what is. The 2001-2006 honda insight design is just a major turn off, reason why not much people buy them. As for the new Honda Insight, im liking it.
Xd will never get better mileage than the Yaris. Also I am getting 41 MPG combines on my '10 honda fit.

This list is not accurate.
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