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Tire pressure: What pressure do you run?

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Most people just take their tire pressure for granted. They don't realize it plays a big role on how their car handles as well as their gas mileage. Lowering your tire pressure increase grip but also decreases gas mileage. While increasing your tire pressure reduces grip but improves gas mileage. Just wondering what you guys use for tire pressure on your daily drivers? Personally I run 38 for my fronts and 42 for my rears on my rwd car. I found that I get pretty good gas mileage and also decent grip with that setup.
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I put 36 on all four of my tires. Never tested to see if it made a difference in my mileage.
I follow what the tell me on the tires. Yeah not technical but it makes them roll when I say and stick when I say.
40 psi all the way around, mostly highway driving..
not stock... but 34-36 up front and 32-24 in the rear.
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