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Think twice about buying an EV. Might just Die.. on you

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Gas is expensive, economy sucks, and the job market blows, so what do we turn to we turn to electric cars. Minus that fact there is a new term called " Range anxiety."
For many who know know what it is, it is caused by the fear that your amazing electric car is going to run out of juice before it gets you to your destination. Many people who own electrics cars like the nissan leaf know what im trying to explain. For example your nissan leaf would say you have 17 miles left in your charge but , those numbers are no where near to accurate. Many people on are complaing about the range estimates by the battery gauge are not accurate at all.

For instance one owner stated, “Went from 17 to —- to turtle to dead in about 5 miles. 2.3 miles from dealer 4.2 miles from home. Part of me is amused that I may go down in history as the first dumbass to drive the car into submission. But I am slightly shaky and upset as I thought there should have been no problem getting home.”
This is particularly frightening for owners as you can’t simply jump start the leave once it’s battery pack is dead. Instead you have to find an outlet, plug that sucker in and then weight at least 6 hours before you can continue your journey – talk about a way to ruin your evening.

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Yeah i knew Ev weren't the best things around.

Knew there was some sort of catch, its too good to be true. EV batteries arnt the best things around i would assume. As the battery isn't the most reliable piece of electronic there is. Battieres do die, and the guage is only a guess of when it will go out, like with your cellphone the more you use w/e them or juice it will drain, your heater ac windows and all those things factor in as well.
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