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This article is a lot better than some older jealous "domestic car magazine" reviews that felt very scared and intimidated by the IQ.

The thing I feel they miss the most is the realistic gas mileage. This car is so light and has one of the smallest engines in the US - it should be a whole lot better than 37 mpg hwy.

My honda fit sport is rated at 33 mpg hwy though I get 41-43 routinely, and it's a significantly larger car than the IQ.

Therefore, I expect the IQ to get high 40s on the hwy and perhaps lower 50s.

That's the main strength of this car.

They should shut up about its size, power, seating configuration (damn, most people drive alone in 5 passenger luxury sedans, no one cares about 4th passenger).

This car leaves the prius, all other hybrids in the dust, both with price and with its value/efficiency/operating costs.

People with IQ above 100 would not miss these points, it's the mainstream consumer who is being brainwashed into whatever the advertisement can buy.
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