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The 12 Days of iQ: The Thoughts of Hiroki Nakajima - Day 3

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Days of iQ: The Thoughts of Hiroki Nakajima - Day 3

On the third day of iQ, we are proud to share the thoughts of the Scion iQ's chief engineer, Hiroki Nakajima!

The iQ was the first vehicle developed by Nakajima, and presented a hefty challenge for the chief engineer to design a new type of car from ideation to execution - the world's smallest subcompact four-seater.

"I took the opportunity to look through the eyes of the customer," said Nakajima. "In doing so, I succeeded in proposing a variety of initiatives to enhance product appeal; to create something that would go as far as to change the values and lifestyle of the driver."

Through undying vision and cutting-edge thinking, his success spoke volumes as his car finally took shape using two major design concepts: "On-the-Edge Value" and "Stability and Dynamism."

Nakajima correlates "On-the-Edge Value" to a "casual yet edgy" design that radiates style, primarily aimed at young urbanites, which pride themselves on being trendsetters who enjoy sophistication. This translated to a sporty and youthful image, perfectly suited to the Scion brand.

"Stability and Dynamism" was reflected by the iQ's broad and stable body, yet daring to uproot the conventionally prescribed proportions of a car. A "perfect imbalance" as Nakajima put it, to realize a car with a radical new sense of form, strength and robust stance. When it came to design, Nakajima focused on the "Techno-Organic" theme, appropriate for the car's target audience.

"I wanted to make a kind of car that could change the values and lifestyle of its owner," said Nakajima. "I believe that we have not only realized the ‘World's Smallest Premium Car,' but have succeeded in creating a car with a stylish design, high-performance engine, excellent fuel economy, and safety performance in the top level of its class."

"The iQ should be the customer's very own canvas to express their individuality, and I cannot wait for the day I see this for myself."

Stay tuned for more interesting facts about the 2012 Scion iQ as the 12 Days of iQ continues, and let us know what you think!
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