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The 12 Days of iQ: The Secret behind the iQ Name

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Scion has started "The 12 Days of iQ", each day they will be featuring bits of trivia about the iQ. Day is day one and below they talk about the secret behind the iQ name....

Welcome to the 12 Days of iQ. We will feature interesting bits of trivia about the all-new 2012 Scion iQ for the next 12 days! On the first day of iQ, we share with you how the iQ received its name.

The name iQ, which normally stands for "intelligence quotient," recalls its closest competitor. But according to Toyota, the "i" stands for "individuality," "innovation" and "intelligence," while the "Q" stands for "quality."

Stay tuned for more interesting facts about the 2012 Scion iQ as the 12 Days of iQ continues, and let us know what you think!
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