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That Horn is going to become a Paper Weight

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That wimpy horn is not going to cut it.

I am going to put on a high/low pair of electric horns made by Fiamm they are 130 db, I have them on another car and i put them on a motorcycle they are loud.
they are easy to install.

Most automotive stores, like Napa has them. you can use either a single horn, but I like two horns getting the high and low tones. I want to say that they are about $20.00ea
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Yes the acustic signal can't blow like a "foghorn" , but only 105dB are OK :eek:
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A needed upgrade for sure! The stock horn wouldn't be able to alert a bug in the road. ;)
hornblaster make horn very interesting :cool:, if i can find place to install, may be ......
Well My Stock Horn finally became a Paperweight

I just put dual Fiaam Horns on today the High/Low, 132 decibels each, the front plastic bumper cover was easy to remove.

I may just pull that off when i install my fog lights. I made a wire harness out of 14 ga. wire and soldered all connections except 2ea they were double crimped.

You can just as easily crimp all connections, and it will be fine as long as they are good crimps, I did a pull test on each crimp.

I have a wiring diagram, that I used i wanted upload it as it may come in handy for someone else. It is not in the format that i currently use, for manipulating pictures.

The wiring diagram shows direct Fused power from the battery, into a Relay.

DO NOT wire your Dual loud Horns Without USING A RELAY
, you will over heat your wiring and melt the insulation off as my horns say that they draw 4amps, that is a lot, with a relay it is .2 amps 2/10s of a amp. This method will save your wiring/electrical system.

Your horn will be louder wiring them direct to the Battery and using a relay. Safer too.

Especially the tiny wire that they use for the stock IQ horn it looks like 22ga wire it is very small. I used 14ga. from the horns power side to the battery, and 16ga on everything else. They are LOUD!!! the dual high/low sound is very European sounding.

If i can figure out how to up load that wiring harness diagram i will.
Update: Uploaded schematic/wiring diagram

The IQ is a little different than the diagram as all grounds can go to a good ground, ie; to a bolt somewhere on the chassis. Like #86 on the relay (see diagram) and the ground on the horns, as there is only one wire on the stock horn it is a + positive wire going to #85 on the relay.

Wires #87 & #30 on the Relay were the 14ga wire, all others wires were 16ga.

hopefully this explains the wiring and is easy to understand.

I did this on a couple of motorcycles that I put the same Dual Fiaam horns on and they are LOUD people do not expect to here that loud blast from a 650cc scooter, I also have them on two Goldwings

And they Really will not expect that loud blasting set of horns from a little IQ buggy

No more beep weeze beep weeze weeze.


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After taking off the plastic front cover to get to the stock horn.

I noticed a Black plastic piece that is on the upper part of the front it has seven to ten pockets in it, and goes across the front upper above the radiator.

I was wondering if that is to cut down on wind noise? or redirect air?
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