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sway bar,bushings.

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HIGH ALL,my sway bar was a tad late geting in,im in bc canada and a few of you had mentioned to make sure we get frony bushings with the rear sway bar kit,well it is not an option here in canada,does anyone think i can get these from somewhere else and are they a generic part,maybe something i could get from another scion model???thank you.:)
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You should try asking your Scion dealer parts dept if they can special order it from another dealer in the U.S. some dealerships are nice enough to do this.
thank you,i will do just that.peace.
sway bar finally arrived today,popped in to scion to ask if they could order front bushings from the US,upon looking in the box i was delighted to c that they were included which they thought strange cuz there were no listings or #s for thes on their ordering catologue.COOOL.
I'm making this same addition this week!!
Yes the Front Sway Bar Hard Bushings should already be in the Rear sway bar kit, you just need to make sure that the Dealer Installs them.

When i installed my Rear sway Bar I looked at them and said to me self what are these, they must have given me extra parts or maybe it fit two different vehicles.

This prompted me to actually read the instructions, a dealer tech may not read the instructions.

Ask for all the Old Parts that they took off after the install, there should two rubber bushings.

If they do not have any parts that they took off then start to worry
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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