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Hello all! I do hope somebody can help.
My 2011 1.0 IQ has developed a horrible noise when going over bumps/potholes/drain covers. It clunks and rattles and sounds like the whole front end is loose. I have experimented and it seems to be more pronounced on the drivers side (I am in the UK).
I have taken it to a garage and they put it on a ramp but found nothing wrong. I did ask them to drive it but they didn't.

I found a something regarding loose strut nuts being a possible issue so took photos of both sides - do these look loose? I couldn't move them with my fingers and people have said they come loose and rattle around.

The car drives, steers and stops fine and it has just passed it's MOT.

Any ideas? By the way, I am no mechanic but willing to try to fix if it's not too sinister!

Thank you


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