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If your into the whole new Stance movement going on in the tuner world. You'll love this Scion TC! If you can imagine a stanced Scion TC done properly with quality work and parts, this is it.

For the past three years or so, the import community has been rocked by the stance scene. What largely began with forum junkies imitating existing Euro and Japanese styles has become a worldwide phenomenon, with stanced cars finding their way into the big name magazines, supporting blogs with more Facebook followers than big name universities, and influencing the way that some OEMs style their own concept cars. This popularity, however, has not risen without dissenters. Forums are filled with form versus function arguments spanning dozens of pages, cheap videos are made with the intent to invalidate the entire fitment scene, and the adherents of stance are made to look like hard-parking wannabes at the whim of every trend and passing fad.

But what if stance was more than that? Nearly every aspect of our culture has been touched by the ideas of post-modernism. Music, philosophy, art, and architecture have been rocked by the idea that modern conventions CAN and SHOULD be broken. We can throw hip hop beats behind classical music and create something, however seemingly heretical it might be, that sounds awesome.

Sam Hussein is a Nissan guy. He likes 350z’s and 240′s and drifting. So you may be asking yourself… what’s he doing in a FWD Scion?

Sam admits, “Honestly I didn’t want the car. I wanted to get back into another 350Z or at least another RWD car. But when my girlfriend and I went to go test drive a Z she couldn’t reach the pedals. She ended up liking the tC so I bought it. When I started to build it I tried to keep it as close to what I would do to a 350Z or a 240. Using drifting characteristics during my build.”

What started as a move to keep a lady happy, has turned into a project that defies the traditional rules of automotive style, yet ends up being something raw, yet fresh and stunning. The focal point, of course, is this tC’s presence.

The combination of a classic set of 17×9.5 BBS RS wheels with that insane drop, allows the ordinary lines of the Scion to come alive. Adding to that aggressive look is a Five Axis full lip kit that ups the assertiveness of the car, while retaining an OEM level of class.

Sam’s favorite part of the car, however, is the engine bay. Like wheel fitment, the idea of wire tucks and dressing up the bay is not an invention of the American stance movement, but rather one borrowed from older scenes; particularly the hot rodder and low rider traditions. He contends that, “There was no info on how to do a full wire tuck on a tC because it hadn’t been done yet. But it was well worth it in the end.” This readers, is the beating heart of the stance scene. Find out what hasn’t been done and do it. Forget what the forum says. Forget what Discount Tire says. Forget what tradition says. Make an impact with your work and take pride in what you have done.

Granted, the scene is going to bear witness to some crazy builds; double digit negative camber, rusted panels, and raped fenders. But that’s ok. Remember, the same post-modernity that brought us The Theatre of the Absurd, brought us Hans Zimmer scores mixed with epic, complicated electronica rhythms. And for every ten sticker-bombed, rusted, oni-cambered Toyota Cressida’s you see, there’s a Sam Hussein, who dared to build a drift-inspired Scion tC with classic German wheels that’s absolutely killed it.
Sam gives shout outs to State of STANCE and Nick from Simply Clean.


Owner: Sam Hussein
Car: Garage 5 Scion tC

• Options Cold Air Intake
• HP Racing Header
• Megen Racing Down Pipe
• Injen SES Exhaust System
• Air Diversion Panel
• Misimuto Radiator Hose Kit
• ARC Radiator Cap
• Complete Wire Tuck

• Raceland Coilovers
• Napa Front Camber Bolt
• TRD Front Strut Bar
• TRD Rear Sway Bar
• TRD Front Sway Bar
• Ingalls Torque Dampener
• C Pillar Bar
• Exedy Stage 2 Clutch Kit
• Fidanza Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel
• TWM Performance Short Shifter

• BBS RS Flat White w/Copper Hardware
17×9.5 5×114.3 -5offset
17×9.5 5×114.3 -5 offset
• Yokahama S Drive 215/35/17
• Falken 452’s 215/40/17
• 25 mm 5x100to5x114.3 Adaptor (Front)
• 25 mm 5x100to5x114.3 Adaptor (Rear)

• Five Axis Full Lip Kit
• JDM Shade Ventguards
• S2K Shorty Antenna
• Genki Tuning Red 3rd Brake Light
• Genki Tuning Honey Comb Grille
• Racing Latches

• Nardi Steering Wheel
• Blox Ti Shift Knob
• Plaid Headliner and Pillars
• Plaid door Panel Inserts
• RearView Mirror
• Auto Meter Carbon Fiber Gauge
• Vacuum

• Pioneer AVC 7” DVD/Nav/TV
• MTX Thunder 12” Woofer
• MTX Thunder Amp
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