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The FR-S or FT-86 whichever you prefer to call it is making it's self known on the very famous Nurburgring for testing. Here are FT-86/FR-S spy pictures and info found on auto blog.

FR-S/FT-86 release date is still unknown.

We see a lot of spy shots here at Autoblog. But few vehicles have popped up quite as much as the Toyobaru FT-86. The rear-wheel drive sportscar that may very well spawn Toyota, Scion and Subaru versions has popped up on roads around the world. And now it's taken to the Nürburgring.

The legendary German road course is a favorite among chassis development engineers for the variety of corners and surfaces around its undulating distance. Most German and many Japanese and American sportscars undergo at least part of their shakedown there, with many manufacturers maintaining on-site workshops.

While the Subaru coupe and its FT-86 sibling may not be up to the task of chasing LFAs and GTRs, its appearance at the notorious Green Hell may be our best indication yet of the car's sporting potential. Have a look in our high-res gallery of spy shots for more.
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