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Site looks great

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im allso wondering how to post pics,im hoping to have "THE CAR" by this friday and i just cant seem to figure it out,and that was with the nonupdated not the most computer savy individual.:rolleyes:.
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I agree the site looks pretty good, especially with the upgrade that was done. Loving the look, the admins did a great job.

To post pictures, you can add them as attachments to your post.
To do this when making your post....

- Scroll down to find the "Attachments" section
- Click on "Manage Attachments" and a window will open (make sure your pop-up block allows pop-up's from this site)
- At the top right of the new window you'll see "+ Add Files" on the top right

and from there on it's self explanatory.
Thank you! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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