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Seat Belt Buzzer

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Can anyone help me out on turning the seat belt buzzer off. I have tried the other models way but its just not working on my 2012 iQ thanks for any help I can get.
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Hey there,my seatbelt sound is a chime,it does so slowly for about ten seconds then quicky for about the same then turns off,without doing up belt but light still flashes.hoe that helps,cheers.
You'll need to get into the ECU management software and turn it off in there.

thanks Fish I will see what I can do there.
i bet there is a trick. thats just a money grab
there is in my lexus
there has to be in the iq
anyone know the trick?
I usually just buckle the seatbelt.
yeah, the chiming stops as soon as i buckle the seatbelt :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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