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Scion Launches In Canada, Pricing Announced

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While Scion vehicles have been available in the United States for a number of years, they have never been officially brought to Canada, despite numerous grey market imports from south of the border.

Now, Scion's are finally available and Toyota Canada has announced pricing for the distinctively styled compacts. The 5 door xD hatchback starts at $18,100, while the xB will set you back $19,290 loonies. The tC sport coupe will start at $21,900, pricing it competitively with the Honda Civic coupe.

Scion should have a fair amount of success in the Canadian marketplace, with small vehicles being immensely popular in the land of $4/gallon gasoline. Why it's taken Toyota so long to bring the product here is anyone's guess.

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That's really good news. Looks like its time for me to go see if theres any Scion dealerships in my area. Too bad they still won't have the iQ available til early next year.
The pricing looks very attracive! It is a shame they wont debut the IQ for some time.
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