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Scion iQ vs. Fiat 500

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Scion iQ coming later this year


Just Released In Canada

Whats your vote?

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IQ of course. I don't like Chrysler (read Fiat500).
The Fiat 500 looks like an old 60's VW Beetle, I prefer the iQ.
i agree iQ don't know even why i asked this question.

the Fiat500 seems like a reject car thrown into the US market.. i dont think its works too well here =/ in terms of styling atleast
IQ of course. I don't like Chrysler (read Fiat500).
the machine
In rereading this I have to now say Fiat 500 is way more a "drivers" car. Scion iQ is an epic fail for drivers wanting to really "drive" due to lack of manual transmission as it is only available with what car&driver refers to as its "damn dirty cvt" in US. But, I think the real competition will come form the Sonic which provides potentially better fuel economy with such options as a six speed manual transmission and turbocharged engine.
I like the Fiat 500 alot, but it is too big...more car than I need to lug around. The iQ suits me better.

I tend to think the iQ is a great driver's car for an urban setting, which opens a whole other set of criteria for what that term might actually mean.
you can't compare this car with IQ, it's a limited serie (Hamman 265CV, no price), here a Fiat 500 is a low cost car...
new version is bigger than origin and too much present on raod, IQ is exclusiv and can be compare to Mini...

but 500Abarth or 500Hamman are sports cars !!!
i have this cars
my fiat 500 is a multijet it is no large like the iq it's small but they need of lees gasoline 20 km/lt:)
the iq is very large for 2 people is look like a bigger car but 15 km/lt but it automatic the fiat is manuale..
two nice car the iq is different in italy there are too much fiat 500 :)
I'm starting to see the occasional Fiat 500 on the local roads now. There's one parked where I work. Saw one drive by the NorCal Scion meet-up last night. iQ owner to Fiat 500 owner drive-by is always the same: we're laughing and they're longing. I haven't gotten one to race me yet either. I think they just...know.
i just live in a smaller town in bc,chilliwack,and i have bin seeing the fiat for months now,there are 4 or 5 that i see regularily,there kinda cool,{for a girl},i have seen a couple with males in it,and it just dont look right to me,AT ALL.
The iQ has a way higher crash rating than the 500. I test drove both and did not like the feel of the 500. Now I drive my iQ.
For me it came down to comfort. I could not fit comfortably in the fiat, especially not with my equally large brother sitting bside me. We both fit in the iq with plenty of elbow room. Iq won the day right there. Befort that I was on the fence
The iQ and the 500 are both very nice looking but each in a different manner. From a classic perspective, the 500 wins, but the iQ isn't as hemmed-in by some retro's design is more fresh and innovative.

I have no reason to hate on the 500...for what it is it looks very nice.
I have an IQ, and I have nothing against the Fiat. Where I work in downtown LA, the Fiat is definitely a "chick car", and that is not necessarily a derogatory remark, just an observation. Seems like the trendy, westside women see the Fiat as the latest fashion statement.
umm.. yeah.. this is an iQ forum. iQ all the way
that Fiat looks like a pt cruiser to me
I test drove the Fiat 500 and it was fun to drive, but I felt these were its big drawbacks:

1. Safety. It gets a 3 star rating, whereas the iQ gets 5 stars. That's a dealbreaker for me - especially in a microcar. In general, there's no way I'd buy a car that got less than a 4 star rating.
2. Roominess. My 6' 3" boyfriend told me he would never be comfortable in it, and I don't blame him.
3. Gas mileage. It gets approximately 10 mpg less than the iQ.
4. Reliability. Things may have changed, but historically the Fiat has been so unreliable that Europeans joke about it.
5. Design. I generally love a retro-modern look - when it's done right. My home decor is a mix of modern and retro. But I'm not sure Fiat got the mix right. I don't love it's design, and I feel like I'm someone who would love it if the designers had really hit the mark. I don't think it's god awful, like the PT Loser, but it's not quite right. It's like I really want to like it, and I keep trying to like it whenever I see it, but it never captures me.
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I like the Fiat. They had a bad reputation here in the US when they were sold in the past but I don't believe that is true any longer. The only things I did not like about it were the lack of headroom when you got the sunroof option and the width of the car. You are pretty close to the front passenger. Getting the car without the sunroof or getting the convertible solves the headroom issue but nothing can make it wider.

I like retro so I liked the New Beetle when it came out (I bought one) and I like the Mini Cooper (almost bought one). Now the New New Beetle has been in the panini press and the Mini has grown in price to rival the BMW's.

I am one of those people who always wants what they cannot have. I admired the iQ from afar when it was sold in the UK in 2009. It was so much nicer than the Aygo or the Yaris. I was the same way with the Lotus Elise. I wanted that car so badly. When it finally went on sale here, the dream was shattered. It takes about 20 minutes to get in it and then you need a crane to get out. The ride was so stiff that it rattled everything it could in your body.

When I finally was able to touch an iQ on US soil, I was sold. While it is a very inexpensive car, it has just enough great styling touches to set it apart from the ubiquitous Civic and Corolla. I also like that the iQ is built in Japan.
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i test drove Fiat 500 after i bought the IQ. I don't know why i did that. I think Fiat 500 was more quiet inside and felt less bumpy. It has cruise control, sensor back up camera as an option but not in IQ. Engine was weak though. Fiat 500 was kinda made me question about my decision to buy my IQ a bit. But It couldn't beat my IQ because the length was longer at least 2 feet. and IQ looks cooler. IQ was much fun to do mod. IQ has 11 airbags which can beat that? so IQ you wins. And I got a good deal for mine.
I was actually cross shopping the iQ, Fiat 500, and Chevy Spark. Drove all 3. The iQ is the last one I drove, and in my opinion, it blew the other 2 out of the water. The iQ was more fun to drive, and looks better as well. Not to mention there are less iQs on the road, so it's quite unique! I see 500s and Sparks at least every other day during my commute. I have yet to see another iQ, and I've had mine a little over a month now. I do wish there was an official cruise control option for the iQ, but oh well. I don't want to do the mod so I'll just live without cruise control.

I think the 500 and Chevy Spark are good micro cars also, but the iQ is just better. :)
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