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Scion iQ/Toyota iQ Commercial Thread

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Post all the Scion iQ/Toyota iQ commercials you find in this thread. I will be posting the commercials I find from youtube and other websites in this thread.

The first video here is 2 Toyota iQ's drifting into one parking space and has m wondering how much iQ's have they wrecked trying to do this stunt lol .Anyone know what song is in the commercial?

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What's new with Toyota's commercial? Scion, Toyota's budget brand, is one of the last car brands one would associate with heavy metal and really, the most metal car one could buy is really a full-size van in black. However, Scion advertising is now likely to be aimed, partly, at appealing to metal heads. The idea behind Scion Toyota marketing to metal heads is that they believe they are “undervalued” as a market.
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