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Well Chrysler/Fiat announced yesterday that the US version of the Fiat 500 would be here by the end of 2010.
Chrysler to outfit Fiat 500-approved dealers with specific showroom "salons" — Autoblog Green

So, anything that they can do to get the iQ here well before that will help them (Toyota/Scion) get an edge. It remains to be seen if the 500 and the iQ will go after the same buyers or not from a marketing perspective. However it may not matter. When Scion started out targeting the "youth" market they got handed a surprise when the oldsters came out in force for their cars.

I have a feeling that the car makers will be surprised how many Americans will like small cars when the have good ones to pick from. In the past it has been their self fulfilling prophecy that Americans "don't want small cars." Sure, you serve them up a piece of crap and charge nearly the same as a larger model and of course the small car won't sell as well. With the entry of high quality, high mileage, safe small cars with amenities found in the big cars things are bound to change. The winners will realize that they can make good money by offering a premium level small car. The profit is in the extras. That is where I think the Scion model has an edge. Have the entry model, but let people pony up that have the dough for the extras.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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