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Scion iQ Release Date

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Good news for everyone waiting for the iQ. Reports have put the Scion iQ coming to US markets for Fall 2010. Time to start saving up for the car!

The question remains, would you prefer to see this car earlier or do you think the estimated Fall 2010 release date is perfect timing?
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Don't make me go over there... Can we get a link to said "reports?"

I for one think Fall 2010 is too late. I would like to see something by Summer at the latest.
Yup you bet - article here: Report: Scion iQ Mini Car to Arrive in U.S. in Late 2010 : Auto News

First shown as a concept (above) at the New York Auto Show earlier this year, Scion will reportedly bring the iQ to market by the Fall of 2010.

After receiving an excellent reception at the show, Scion’s VP, Jack Hollis has said he is fighting to get the car to market. One large Toyota dealer, has however, spilled the beans, telling the folks at AutoWeek that an agreement has been reached to bring the diminutive car to the U.S.
Fall 2010 is great to get as an estimated date but I would also love to see this car get released sometime in the summer. There must be a stat somewhere that says cars sell better (espcially newly launched cars) in the summer rather than the dreary fall or cold winter months.
Well Chrysler/Fiat announced yesterday that the US version of the Fiat 500 would be here by the end of 2010.
Chrysler to outfit Fiat 500-approved dealers with specific showroom "salons" — Autoblog Green

So, anything that they can do to get the iQ here well before that will help them (Toyota/Scion) get an edge. It remains to be seen if the 500 and the iQ will go after the same buyers or not from a marketing perspective. However it may not matter. When Scion started out targeting the "youth" market they got handed a surprise when the oldsters came out in force for their cars.

I have a feeling that the car makers will be surprised how many Americans will like small cars when the have good ones to pick from. In the past it has been their self fulfilling prophecy that Americans "don't want small cars." Sure, you serve them up a piece of crap and charge nearly the same as a larger model and of course the small car won't sell as well. With the entry of high quality, high mileage, safe small cars with amenities found in the big cars things are bound to change. The winners will realize that they can make good money by offering a premium level small car. The profit is in the extras. That is where I think the Scion model has an edge. Have the entry model, but let people pony up that have the dough for the extras.
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I would love to have this car released late May or early June 2010, just in time for the summer season.
Starting to get very excited for this car - release dates are always awesome news.
Yea, I would prefer it earlier. I would prefer today. When I contacted the Scion dealer, they said there is no release date set despite that article. Do you know any more info on this?
Yesterday I went to the Toyota / scion dealer on a reconnaissance mission and asked a manager if they knew about the IQ (after asking 2 sales reps that never heard of the car). First, the manager thought I asked what his IQ was, and after a very perplexing answer about intelligence, I clarified that I was asking about the car! The manager said, "OH! That's this summer isn't it?" He went and called someone and verified that it will be here in the summer!! Who knows if this will really happen, but it was exciting to think it may be here soon and I wanted to share this for those of you that are interested.
Great info littlemissdesiree!!! It is very promising to hear when even the dealerships have started to receive news about the car. Maybe we will see the car in less than one year!
Every news I hear about the IQ is exciting.....I might swing by my Toyota dealer sometime this week and see if they have info or even know what the IQ is.

I'm guessing we will see the car Late Summer 2010.
I want to be in and driving mine by this time next year and if I can get it before snow falls, even better
We are hearing in DC early 2011. UGGGGGGGGG!!!!!
Ugh not for another year not good news at all
Wait till the next car show to get a real firm release date I guess
None yet Doug, will probably have to wait a few months or at the very least until the Detroit show ends.
New York is our best bet as of now. The report on front page puts a new Scion model coming out :D
Production version at New York = release date very soon!!
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