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Scion iQ Makes Its Aftermarket Debut: 2011 SEMA Show

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The Scion iQ has still yet to go on sale, but Scion came out in full force with their new subcompact, presenting a multitude of concepts aimed at all corners of the aftermarket segment.

The Pit Boss iQ by Cartel is the wildest interpretation of the iQ we've seen so far, with the roof completely chopped off and an electric blue paint scheme applied. Massive 18″ wheels and an iPad with an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot are also included, though it adds an extra element of danger in the event of rain.

At the other end of the spectrum is the iQ-RS, designed to look like a full-blown race car. With a classic white paint scheme, red wheels, a front splitter, rear wing and fender flares, the iQ-RS looks the part, and a roll cage, racing seats and a stripped out interior re-enforce the iQ-RS' mission.

Finally, the Scion iQ-MR blends race car style with the ever popular "stance" movement, with both a roll cage, fender flares and Axis Sakura wheels fitting flush to the iQ's body. A mid-engine conversion has been carried out to make the iQ rear-wheel drive while the engine itself features a thorough re-build and new internals. KW Variant 3 coilovers let the car sit low to the ground while offering excellent damping.

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The modified Scion iQ's at the SEMA show were really cool, especially this one....

First time seeing a Scion iQ with no roof, and it looks pretty good to me. I really think Scion should look into making a convertible version of the iQ.
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