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Scion IQ looks like a Yaris

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Is it me or does the Scion IQ look like a Toyota Yaris?
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I think it still has its own look to it. Scion's have always had a unique look to them.
I would agree to similar, but the IQ looks MUCH better IMO. I mean, just the front end alone is way more stylish and clean looking. I don't like the big grilles on the Toyotas these days.
The Yaris looks like a Scion iQ that just got in a front end accident. Plus it has fewer curves than the iQ. The iQ looks way better than the Yaris in my opinion.
I could see how people would mistaken an IQ for the YARIS or vice versa.
Same platform, but the IQ is MUCH nicer!
Different platform completely. IQ has a unique platform.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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