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Scion iQ comes with a FREE 3 years, 24-hr roadside assistance program!

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the Scion iQ launch is coming soon sometime in October, can't wait! Who else is amped up for the Scion iQ release date??

Was just doing some research on the iQ and found out that we will get a FREE 3 years, 24-hr roadside assistance program from Scion, awesome ain't it! Just another reason to buy a Scion :)

Unfortunately i don't have details on the Scion roadside assistance program, i will try to find that. But it should be just like any other typical roadside assistance program out their.
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Free is good! I hope I never need it though.
Definitely not a bad thing, but people rarely end up using this for any car. I think my car had 5-year roadside and I never used it once. I think I needed a tow but I just called AAA. So it'll be good for people who don't have AAA or don't have roadside through their insurance company.
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