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With the Scion FR-S destined to arrive on North American soil rather soon, it was no surprise that the sub-brand for Japanese automaker, Toyota, decided to give their website a new identity. It appears that Scion hopes to give themselves a more of a "grown up" image too with the FR-S's arrival, which will undoubtedly be the first real sports car for the young brand.

Up until now, Scion is most well-known for its quirky models that appeal to the young automotive enthusiast interesting in customizing their vehicle to match their personality. And while the tC was an attempt at making a sporty coupe, most would agree that it doesn't have or even come close to the appeal that the FR-S brings. We already have no doubts that the FR-S as a car is a hit (read our review here), but it'll be interesting to see if buyers can get over the "Scion hump" of knowing that it doesn't boast a Toyota badge, but rather a badge that's been heavily associated to a younger generation of car enthusiasts.

Either way, the new website is clearly an indication that Scion wants to trend away slowly from the reputation it has established over the years. Rather than a dark-themed and Flashy website, it now incorporates a friendly-on-the-eyes design with everything just a couple of clicks away. In other words, it's function over form, much like the FR-S. It looks great, and it performs great.

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Scion claims that a huge percentage of the younger generation that buys Scion autos switch over to Toyota when they've outgrown them. This is good for the Toyota family tree!
This is good but the FR-S is more of board spectrum car... rwd light weight 6 speed LSD, can be someones mid life crisis car, or the young kid who will wrap it around a tree!
Then the kid will end up buying a Camry. See? It makes perfect sense. ;)
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