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Scion’s No-Haggle Pricing Won’t Carry Over to Toyota

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Things are going to change as Scion’s models transition under the Toyota brand.

When the Scion brand was created, one of the main selling points was the company’s “no-haggle” pricing structure, meaning what you see is what you get. Buyers were able to choose from different paint colors, transmission options and a number of accessories, but each car only had one trim level.

The Truth About Cars reached out to company representative Nancy Hubbell who said that while Toyota will adopt the cars it inherits from Scion, the sales process won’t come with it. “For the model year ’17, Toyota will continue with the single price strategy that Scion set forth, and we will re-evaluate that for model year ’18.” That means there’s a potential for Scion models to come in multiple trim levels in the future, just like Toyota models.

She added in the phone interview that pricing of the vehicles will “follow the Toyota model,” meaning no-haggle pricing will be axed along with the brand.

TTAC reports that another casualty in the transition is Scion’s Pure Process Plus, where the automaker sold cars through the Internet. There is a possibility that may be brought back at a later date.

“It’s an interesting model that both Toyota and Lexus are taking a look at and elements of the Scion program are likely to be implemented by the other brands, but there are no plans to transfer Pure Process Plus at this time,” explained Hubbell.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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