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Sales figures

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There are 374 iQ new since January 2012 in the road from Toyota/Scion U.S.:p
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Wow... people buy these atleast 10 a day not bad not bad at all!
Does mine count? I bought mine on Dec 12, 2011. More will be on the road when they complete the distribution effort all over the U.S.
That's really good! How did you find out that number? I want to see too, very interesting :)
^^^^^^^ Ditto
In CANADA there are 75 iQs in the first selling month (Jan 12) of the new car.
I think Toyota has to be extremely disappointed with iQ sales in North America. The Prius C, by contrast, has more than 60,000 pre-orders. That's the difference between a smash hit and a dud.

Toyota Launches 83 MPG Prius C In Japan, Takes 60,000 Pre-Orders
i was told by my friendly salseman that i was the first owner in canada,and for that i got a nice scion travell mug and a thirty dollar t shirt.I LIKE not sure how he would have known such info,but il take it.i do know i was the firs one in bc to insure one for the fact that ICBC had no idea what an iq was,that was the same for my 09 nissan cube.
Hooray for being the first, just like me! But boo to my salesman for not giving me the same award. I was their first iQ customer too! :(

I was first in Dallas-Fort Worth to own an iQ. No fanfare....but that's okay. I'm quite happy with the car I got out of the deal.
Same here first in ATL, no fanfare, but what they offered for my trade in! I'm pleased!!
There are another 864 iQ in US on the road (Jan 374 / Feb 864) this year. :eek:
Month-by-month sales figures for US and Canada can be found at this site: Scion iQ Sales Figures - GOOD CAR BAD CAR

In August, there were 548 iQ's sold in USA, and 85 sold in Canada.

Reports of 2012 year-to-date sales figures are:

Scion iQ: 6189 USA / 663 Canada
Smart ForTwo: 6281 USA / 1482 Canada
Fiat 500: 28,566 USA / 6436 Canada (I suspect zero-percent financing rates and aggressive discounts have helped both Fiat and Smart in the USA--They almost had me hooked!)
Chevy Spark (AKA Daewoo Matiz): 4090 USA / 110 Canada (this is two month data; am surprised at this because I still haven't seen one on the road. Too bad haven't found state-by-state sales figures yet.)

Personally I am happier to have a more unique car than ubiquitous. And our iQ's build quality and innovation trump any of the above competitors.
Amen to that last statement J-B. My 500 Sport was the worst built car I've ever owned out of 16 cars over the years. I hope the IQ sales improve in the coming months.
Amen to that last statement J-B.
Same here as well! Given the prevailing mindset among potential buyers, I'm not sure the iQ will be a big seller any time soon. However, I think that reflects poorly on the mindset among potential buyers, not the iQ (which is a fantastic little car).
I was the first to get hail damage (or quickest after taking the Q home).
I see more new Kia Souls around here than about anything else. The IQ sales are trending down which is not good for the future. I can't believe that many Fiats are being sold. I see them and the Smart cars around here but still haven't seen another IQ. The poor rating of the IQ by Consumer Reports and others cannot help the sales.
yeah, those little fucking hamster cars (soul) are starting to outnumber the old pt cruisers out here, getting to be a tossup to see which I'd hit first if I threw a rock in any given parking lot. Haven't seen a lot of fiats though...more than IQs unfortunately.

Then again, from a purely selfish point of view, I like havign a car that not a bunch of other people have
As long as Americans are stuck in that "bigger is better" mentality then cars like the IQ are doomed. Our local Mercedes dealer has really increased their advertising on the smart and it's paying off. They are selling 3 times as many as last year. The Fiat is also doing better. Meanwhile the local Toyota/Scion dealer has no IQ's and seems embarassed to keep them in stock. And they are the only Scion dealer in SW Florida. I haven't even seen a commercial down here for the IQ. Let's see, Toyota mis-handled the Celica GT, The later MR-2 and they over-priced the Supra. Considering how far Scion's sales have dropped it's probably going to be up to the FR-S to save the division.
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