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"S" mode.

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im awee bit confused,which doesnt take much.for months before i recieved this little gem,i did ALOT of reading and viewed all videos pertaining to the iq,and any time the S mode was refered to it was done so as SPORT mode,and because of that fact,and the car is not yet broken in i havent even thought about going there and releasing all that powere.ha that i have had the pleasure of reading the manual front to back,i have come to learn it isnt a sport mode whatsoever,it is ANOTHER breaking mode???????.so today i did go from d mode to s mode then b mode upon stopping,very effective.i am not understanding when i should be using this feature?i would think maybe under emergency breaking and or down hills.and i wonder if i can use this under ALL breaking conditions,to save on brake pad wear?could i allso use this at accelerating from a standstill with any benefit???i would love some input? have a great day.
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One could argue that it is "Sport" mode because it says "S" plus it provides more oomph when the engine revs to higher RPMs during acceleration. On the same token when you take your foot off of the gas pedal, it slows down the car faster than if it were on the "D" mode. Yes, it is the first level of engine braking during deceleration and yes, it gives you more power during acceleration when needed.

I've used the "S" mode to slow me down on steep hills. I haven't used the "B" mode since I feel I don't want to overrev the engine even though I already have about 2K miles on my iQ. The break-in period is over. So should I start racing now? LOL!
yes rexIQ,id say its time for "THE FAST LANE".HA HA..thanks for your input,but would it be at all harmfull to use this for more efficient braking frequently or not?so in "D" will the revs not get to redline,if you know pass on the info for the fact that im a wee bit frightend to feel such G force.thanks again bud.
Funny this was brought up, I thought about starting a post regarding this.

I have been using super drive on my IQ, and it is a notice able improvement.

The IQ In S mode does move out at a improved rate, From a stop, when i get up to say 40mph i shift in to Drive.

Toyota calls it "S" "Super Drive" or second gear, a lower holding point that allows the Engine revs to be held in a more performance oriented shift mode, raising the RPM from the normal econo mode, to More of a Performance Mode
Where as "D" "Drive" is more of an economical shift mode.

I have a 650cc motorcycle that also has a CVT auto trans. It has 2- modes "S" "Sport" Mode(performance mode) & "D" "Drive" Mode(econo mode), The Motorcycle is kind of like the IQ.

The Sport mode is considerably faster, while Drive mode is more of a normal econo/performance mix.

In my owners manual they mention the S mode as a engine brake mode for going down hills. LOL

It works pretty good getting away from a stop.
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It is funny that in a few, "You tube" (Video's) comparisons, IQ vs Smartfortwo.

The Smartfortwo, was labeled as the faster car, with better handling.
They claimed that the smart had a lower ET to 60mph and is faster slightly, and was faster through (But not by much) a road coarse.

I am thinking that (with a Rear Sway Bar kit) if someone that actually new how to drive this car (using "S" Mode to drive aggressively and Launch away from a stop) , were to drive it in a comparison, Road Course, the out come would be much different.

Update: Sorry i was wrong the IQ that was tested had a 1.0L engine, not a good comparison to the 1.3L IQ
The Smartfortwo, was labeled as the faster car, with better handling.
I must say, coming from a Smart car, the Smart does handle better. I don't know about faster though. I did some canyon carving on my Suzuki SV650. I also did it on my Smart. When I tried to do it in my iQ, I had disappointing results (in the handling department). I can't wait to try the iQ with a sway bar. (I've read your post on it. Thanks for that info.) Maybe it'll handle just as good as the Smart.
Hey RexIQ and others,

The IQ vs smart comparison

When I test drove The IQ for the first time, My first thought was the handling is really lacking, way to much sway, it did not feel solid and connected to the road, it just swayed way to much .

During my test drive, at 65 mph (Freeway) I steered the steering wheel back and fourth quickly to see how much sway there was, i complained to the salesman, letting him know that, it just did not feel safe. The handling kinda sucked.

I did not buy the car at that time, due to the soft, steering and large amount of sway, it felt a little dangerous to me.


Drove My IQ some more yesterday, with the new Rear Sway Bar Installed. WOW what a Difference.

To me the Scion TRD Factory Rear Sway Bar, Is a Absolutely MUST HAVE Item No questions asked.

It substantially improves the handling manners of the IQ, It feels like a different car. Much Sportier, even with the stock wheels and tires.

I need a car that can perform accident avoidance when I need it to.

I have been driving several times in the past, some at 65 mph and needed to avoid a car in the fast lane that was sideways in front of you (and was in your lane) that is not seen until the last minute.

I also had a Truck that was over loaded, dump it's load in front of me on the Freeway doing 65 mph. Accident avoidance at it's best. That was driving a Brand New 99' Civic SI on both issues.

But Between the Rear Sway Bar & hard Center Bushings, & The Two Front Sway Bar Hard Center Bushings, the Car is Greatly Improved.

I have not pushed it to the limit yet, and may never. Yea right!, I have about 900 miles on her maybe in a couple of weeks, i think that the max rpm my car has seen so far has been about 4K, Another 100 miles and, i can rev on the redline. 8)

Any way, I now feel much safer knowing that the car is able to to keep up handling wise.
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That's exactly how I felt when I test drove the iQ. It didn't feel connected to the road when pushing he G-forces at on-ramps and off-ramps. Maybe it's because the Smart had wider tires despite the iQ having a wider stance. Plus the Smart had a bowed rear tires set (the tires weren't perpendicular to the ground. They were tilted inward. Plus the Smart is already as stiff as golf cart. It didn't need a sway bar.) I do miss my Smart for its handling and the convertible features that I once enjoyed here in San Diego. But I love my iQ. I have gone out to several events where I took more than just one passenger. I haven't gotten two people in the back. Need more friends. LOL! I lost them when, for a while, I could only take one other friend in my Smart. HAHAHA!
Ill tell you RexIQ,
I have never driven a smart.

I may have to drive a smart to see what they are like.

I have had some really excellent handling cars. The IQ being so short, and with it's quick steering, and now the Rear sway bar + the front sway Bars Hard Center bushings, It has really changed the car and the way I feel about it, and even the way i drive it now.

It is just a lot more fun to drive, and is MUCH SAFER, from a accident avoidance stand point.

It is finally the IQ that I really Wanted it to Be. I am loving this car, it was just eh, like it, but not sure.

The suspension now feels very tuned, it still has a good ride, but seems firmer, tighter, connected to the road.

I do think that the IQ would probably Look better with some different rims that filled the wheel wells a little more, It May even handle a little better.

I have put wider wheels & tires on a front wheel drive car before, and it actually slowed the cars straight line performance, as the wide wheels & tires even though they were Alum. they were heavier, due to more tire and alum. weight, larger diameter can change the gear ratio.

But My IQ is very commendable now as far as handling goes, and it's not just handling, it is also road holding, just going straight down the road it tracks better, straighter without going all over the road and me having to compensate.

It handles so much better, i am not sure that wider wheels/tire's are necessary. It really handles quite well.

When you get your sway bar Installed, give us a update as to what you think of it's new handling prowess, and anything else you fell that the rear sway bar kit cured.

After i get the 1000 mile Break in done on mine i am going to test it more and put it through it passes, and see what it can do.
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Ill tell you RexIQ,
I have never driven a smart.

I may have to drive a smart to see what they are like.
If and when you do, guaranteed, you will be disappointed with the transmission. It was the number one thing I hated about the Smart. But I "settled" and got used to it (but still hated it).
My salesman demonstrated the shift selections "S" and "B" as a design that Scion intentionally made for all or at least a lot of the braking. We were on the interstate for the test drive and he said to put it into S when I entered the exit ramp and then half way down he told me to drop it to B. I must have asked him a half dozen times if he's sure this is what it's intended for because I was always taught that you slow down with the brakes not the transmission. I haven't found anything in the manual about his described use. It's only referred to as engine braking and maximum engine braking. Uses: for increasing power going uphill, or providing engine braking downhill. Since this is a CVT and there are numerous sensors computing everything, maybe he's correct but I'm gonna call Scion to see what they say and ask the service manager at the dealership. I'll post my findings. I don't want to destroy the transmission or engine and I got it for mpg so D is probably where I should stay.
Thank you mmark,i have still bin wondering bout this,i have been using s and b modes for acceleration and braking but rarely the b for either ,more down steep inclines.i will be at the dealer friday and i will make a seriOus enquiry,i do hope these modes are meant for both for the fact i like using this feature,feels sporty,and it is my first automatic which i am loving but its really cool to be able to slam some gears if i chose.thank you for your input...
FWIW, engine braking doesn't use fuel on the iQ because this new CVT we have does something that conventional engines can't do. It cuts off fuel delivery to the engine while the engine slows itself down. The engine will not stall when the fuel is cut off because the crankshaft is still spinning as you slow down. The computer knows when to turn on fuel delivery when it idles at a complete stop.

I use engine braking at least once or twice when I drive or when I require a lot more stopping power.
I have been using the "S" mode from a stop when i need to get into some fast traffic.
IQ Vs. Lifted Truck in LA Traffic= Heaven

I have had my IQ for about a month now, with approaching 500 miles on it. (Still in the break-in period, and this is my first ever NEW car) and have been trying to lay off the accelerator, but this is have found the best way that works for me, thus in start-stop areas (unless grid-locked) I use the "S" Mode to get going faster, something you have to do around UCLA. When I am on straight-aways like Santa Monica Blvd, or quieter streets I usually switch back to "D" and then when I am going up the ramp to my parking spot I switch back to "S" as the incline just had me trying too hard in "D". I am still learning but have always been a good driver and the maneuverability is much better than my Sport Trac on 33" tires I just dropped away...I am spending about $16 a week on gas as opposed to about $45. Sounds good to me...I disagree, (maybe biased with coming from a lifted slow-starting truck) that the car doesn't have any power. I find that "S" mode with the CVT to just get up and go...and I love being able to turn in the middle of the street to park, as opposed to the previous 4 point back up and curb we Angelinos are notorious for being patient!
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