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Remote Car Starter

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Hello... We are loving our new IQ!! I live in Saskatchewan and it can get cold at times. I work many nights so would like to start my IQ remotely to warm it up. Has anyone living in a cold climate added a remote starter? If so what kind?

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I don't live in a cold climate but I have been investigating aftermarket remote starters. Here are a few I've found.


The iQ can equiped with an extra heater - we call it STANDHEIZUNG - translatin is ? PARKING HEATER.
The unit from WEBASTO is in front of the left frontwheel / in the bumper area and fitts very well.
Very simple to use and "heating if you need it"!

The price in Europe (incl. tax) is only double of Remote Starter around €1.000.

Thermo Call
I am using Viper 5204 on mine. Works really good :)
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