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Received & installed Sway Bar Today

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Get the Sway bar.

It transforms the IQ into a car that is a little firmer, and it takes out the wallow that you get from just the front Sway Bar.

In the Rear Sway Bar kit also comes two extra Hard bushings for the Front Sway Bar.

After you install the Rear Sway Bar, the Instructions tell you to remove the Front Sway Bar Clamps and remove the Soft Rubber Bushings that came with the IQ, and replace them with the New Hard Plastic ones in the kit.

What a difference !

This Rear Sway Bar Kit gets RID of Most of the Problems with the stock suspension, like the wallowing in turns, the Hunting while you are holding the steering straight but the car is wandering from side to side, and all the Sway that this car has. It fixes it all.

I think it has a better ride.

But, i did not drive it that much, after the insatall. I will have to drive it some more, through some winding roads, but it seemed pretty good in comparison.

Will it beat a new Miata, or other sports cars, through the slaloms probably not?, But it is Much Improved, and is way more sporty feeling.

Awe crap there go's the gas mileage, This New IQ (It is new because it feels so much different than my std IQ, with this Rear Sway Bar added) but it will be a lot better Mileage than a new Miata when driven aggressively.
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Quick question. What make is the sway bar? Is it a Toyota/TRD/Scion item or aftermarket.

Im in bc.canada,and here it is TRD.
have you some pictures of this Kit?
where do you buy it? and hoh many?
is it difficult to install?
Does your local scion dealer not provide,or are you looking aftermarket?
The one that i bought was from a Discounted Scion dealer, Not many Scion dealers discount there Brand new parts.

It says TRD on the Bar and it is RED, When you get make sure it is RED and TRD then you get the hard Bushing for the front bar in The Rear sawy Bar Kit to replace the Soft rubber one up front that comes on the car when you get it.
Sounds like a nice addition to your iQ.
No it was not that difficult to install.

IT IS DEFIANTLY WORTH THE LITTLE bit of WORK To install it. It transforms the IQ into a much sportier ride.

Then learn how to drive your IQ in "S" Mode, and it is a very nice combination.

This is a Dealer/Scion accessory NOT an after market.

I bought mine from a scion dealer that discounts their parts.

My Rear Sway Bay was $247.50
Rear Spoiler $165.00

Look on your local dealer site or scions site and see what they are going for.

Bought it at ScionPartspeople in WA
This site is owned and operated by Scion of Puyallup:
1400 River Road
Puyallup, WA 98371

ScionPartsPeople - Genuine Scion Parts and Scion Accessories

I am in no way affiliated with them, I am just passing on a good deal.

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Hey there,my spoiler was a little over 400$ installed,and I believe the sway bar was close to the same,installed,still waiting on sway bar.
I installed my Rear Spoiler, And the factory Mud Guards, Storage Net, Yesterday, Car Looks good.

I had two people come up to me yesterday and comment how nice it looked and asked about gas mileage. They were driving of all things a VW, maybe a jetta. I am just an IQ snob.

I had some new mud and snow mats, that just needed a little trimming, and they worked nicely.
Westgl thanks for the links, i find lot of parts :)
i try to find the same in Europe, Toyota don't propose this parts on accessories and $ is better than € (exept shipping)
Thanks Westgl, I'll be contacting them as soon as the pay packet arrives. :) The UK TRD importer is pretty poor. :(

The Scion Alum. Rims are about $100.00ea from Scion Parts People
I am going for this suspension upgrade as soon as my dealer gets the parts in. I love the car "as is" but I think I'll really enjoy this little bit of dialing-in.
Did you have to remove the tires to put on the mud guards? And I assume you have to drill holds for them or do they use clips?
Shame that ScionPartsPeople dont ship outside the US! :(

Hay Fish try and message Jamie or Tim. They may be able to help you out.
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