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Question about water pump and pulley

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So I have noticed a squeaking almost water like noise coming from my 2014 scion IQ with 183k miles. I opened my hood and noticed a wobble to the pulley on my water pump around where the noise is coming from. I just replaced the two belts myself last fall so that isn't the issue. I think I need to replace the pulley or water pump due to a bad bearing. The water pump and pulley are sold individually. I just don't know if I should just buy the pulley or a whole new water pump and use the old pulley? Or just buy a new pulley and pump? I read on the forums that I will need to take out the alternator to remove the pump. Has anybody ever done this job and have any tips or things I should be aware of? Thanks, I could not find a whole lot of information on online about it.
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Here's an old ChrisFix video that might help you pinpoint the specific issue.

If the water pump itself is going bad I would replace it, the pulley and the old water pump gasket with new parts for peace of mind.

The iQ's repair manual can be accessed on Toyota's techinfo site for $25 for a two day subscription. This will provide fastener torque values, steps, required tools etc.

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Yeah I ordered a new water pump. I saw a youtube video of a honda making the exact same noise my iq is making and it was the water pump. $80 shipped isn't too bad either. Thanks for the link, I might have to use that if I get stuck.
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