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Put my rims on

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I took my rims off my xB and put them on the iQ and it looks alot better so now to get a drop to close in the gap.
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I see the outline of spokes but the picture is too dark. :(

iQ has 16" and 5,0J offset 45 (4 fixing / 100mm diameter) rims (175/60R16)
xB has 16" and 6.5J offset ?? rims (205/55R16)
have you changed anything?

Now your speedometer is showing -2%!!
Well here are the 17" possibilities for iQ:

7,0J x 17" offet 40 --- 205/45R17
7,0J x 17" offset 35 --- 205/40R17
7,0J x 17" offset 38 --- 205/40R17
7,5J x 17" offset 38 --- 205/40R17 --- some work to do
7,5J x 17" offset 35 --- 215/40R17 --- some work to do
looks nice. i cant wait until i get some wheels for my iq. post more pics pls
I will take some more pics tomarrow but i think i am running a 40 offset and a 205/40/17 tire.
They look good Brian. Now get some springs a really reduce that wheel gap. :)
Oh yhea. Ordering them thursday.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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