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went to see a fella at a local shop to see about having the hood powdercoated in flat black,and i was pleasantly suprised to learn that this will be done for 140$.wow,i paid 202$ to have the hood PAINTED flat black,TWICE,dislike.the hood seems to ccatch rocks and it had chipped the flat black paint.i will remove the hood and all little gadgets that are not 425 degree friendly and get her done in a week.allso the paint that was done was just done on the top of the hood where the powdercoat will be the entire hood,NICE.:)


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Like it.... do the rest of the car... ;)

nice and agressiv !!!
Looking forward to seeing the finished job.
hey fish.i have bin thinkin bout that,thanks to this guy that goes by the handle,SURFCITYLOCAL,i believe he called it MURDERED OUT.ha ha kidin surfcitylocal,but yes i really am thinkin bout it,although i would NOT go the powder coat route,as much as i would love to that would be HUGE bucks.the car body would have to be completely disasembled and ALL paint removed and all gadgets for it to get BAKED ,but i would be willing to have all BUT the hood painted,for something to do i will check into $$$ at a few shops.
and wow master -yoda,an agressiv scion iq,wouldnt have thought thats possible.:p
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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