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Potential manual release of the hatch?

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Shopping ebay fer a few things and came across the rear latch. This picture shows a white tab that might be able to be used to manually release the latch from the inside! Obviously, it will take some minor modification by making an access hole and fabricating a mechanism to actuate the tab. ;)
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The only way to open the hatch is from the button on the outside after the vehicle has been unlocked. If you need to open the hatch from the inside, there currently isn't a method for that. If it's raining outside, you would have to get out and open it from the back. This would have the potential of opening it from the inside...especially if you don't have any power to the vehicle. ;)

Another option would be to modify the lock wiring harness by adding in a button to pop the lock while pushing on the hatch from the inside. ;)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts