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OnStar for your.... - iQ?

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OnStar has now come out with a Portable OnStar for any car!
At least now you dont need to own a GM or Ford car to have OnStar Equipped Vehicle. Just fork over 299.99 +100 to install + 199 a year for the full service....

I dunno if i want to have OnStar in the first place..

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It's not bad if you want what it has to offer. I would get a OnStar system for my Scion, it will make me feel a lot more at ease when driving just so be the case I come by a situation where I could use a service they offer.

In time all cars will come with a system like this from each manufacture, Kia is already working on their own system called "blue". Around $200/year to be safer in your car is worth it....actually anything to make YOU safer is worth it.
I wouldn't get it, i feel that a lot of the feature that come with onstar equipped cars will be lost.

Ie how onstar will call you after an accident, and also if you have extra g forces and many other thing's that these cars dont have the onstar sensors.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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