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Offical US IQ site?

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Anyone know if an official US or North American Scion IQ web site will be showing up anytime soon?
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we need one, but I think Toyota has it's hands full right now
I will check it out at the Toronto Auto Show this weekend. I hope I can pick up some good info to post up here.

Usually see official sites about 6 months before the car will hit production, in other words - not soon!
Checked out and nothing on there even mentioning the iQ. Guess they are trying to keep it a secret or something?
Most car sites will not appear until an official announcement has been made - as far as I know this has not happened yet it is all just speculation...right?
Just the announcement that it is coming overseas.
Anyone else think Scion's normal website was tough to navigate and hard to look at? I really was not impressed by it.
Ya, their site is really bad. Kind of a shame because the cars are so good.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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