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So obama has finally caught onto a plan that Canada has been offering for years... giving cash back incentives.

As for where you would charge an EV, i spoke to a spokes person at NAIAS, and the plan is to install EV charging station, at grocery stops, malls etc, where there is a high traffic flow for people.

Technically you have to spend money to make money, so it does help our economy, by creating new jobs etc etc etc, you get the point.

Another point being is okay lets say we have 20 000 000 millions cars right now running on Petrol that " pollutes the earth" What if we have 20 000 000 EV cars, sure it gives zero emission but electricity has to come from somewhere, and we barley have enough of that, doubt we can punch out the extra amount of electricity needed to provide that many ev cars without causing a mess in environment.
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